Bubbles and beachy tunes: Girls at Melkweg

Safe and sound, yet sizzling – that is the bubble of Amsterdam. Living here is more often than not, at least among expats, referred to with that b-word. Last night, however, I got carried into another bubble – one cotton-like Californian bubble.

Girls, hailing from San Fransisco, played at a jammed Oude Zaal at Melkweg. Luckily at Melkweg, as initially they were booked for OT301; the venue that, despite its charisma, would have left too many music-enthousiasts outside in the cold. Inside Melkweg, the set performed by Girls was anything but cold. Including tracks from all their three records, they delivered quite an experience: it isn’t too often that I catch myself in such a smooth, careless swing like last night. Having matured remarkably in their overall stage-presence since last seeing them, in August 2010 at Flow, Girls now owned their act and audience in their charmingly cool manner.

On another note, however, quite a nasty needle threatened my own little bubble. As one could expect, a bigger stage brought about it a bigger audience, along with a bigger chance for people having “a conversation” (read:yelling at each other) right behind my ears during the first notes of ‘Vomit‘. Oh well, luckily I was drawn into the soothing tunes faster than I could spell silence.

All in all, Girls did succeed to exceed my expectations for the night. Being more beach-poppy live than on record, their show delivered a well-needed break from darkness and certainly left me smiling.



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