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The temporary site for urban culture

Quite early on the other Wednesday, I ended up watching a free-for-download film not in the most usual spot. I found myself entering the pearl of Amsterdam’s nightlife at 8 pm. In the basement of the world-renowned club, Trouw, I enjoyed watching the perhaps stereotypically American take on the digital revolution of the music industry. However, despite finding some interesting viewpoints in the film, I was mainly thrilled by the concept of the event.

The screening of PressPausePlay was organised by “the temporary site for urban culture”, de Verdieping. Every Wednesday and/or Thursday the organisation hosts various events, be they talks, films or workshops, on the ground floor of Trouw. The events are focused on three key themes: the Future of the City, Future Media and Future Art & Culture. The viewing I last visited was part of the “Future Art & Culture”-branch, but the other two programmes look comparably exciting.

While the movie itself may have been a bit limited on its perspective, the point of gathering together to watch it was the most fruitful part of the evening, as agreed by the program leader of de Verdieping, Jarl Schulp. Schulp, radiating that famous viba, lead the thought-provoking, but laidback discussion on some main topics of the movie. One of the most interesting ideas raised during the commentary regarded the grey masses; whether they have become too great and powerful with the rise of new media, leading to the gradual decay of the quality of art. Such a subjective matter lead to a number of fascinating comments – who is anyone to deem artistic expressions good or bad? Luckily, and not so surprisingly, a general agreement was reached on the oh-so-prominent question: will off-line life survive the threat of the overtaking online-mode.. As agreed, it will, shall, and should indeed – despite the pads, a crisp white A4 will stay as the exciting starting point of creative activities. And, as the evening organised by de Verdieping showed, we are still drawn to experiencing things in real life, with real people.