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November, that month of many beginnings.

The chilly mornings, the gray days, the dark nights – instead of letting them get me, it is time to make something out of them.

Instead of growing a moustache (for slight physiological hindrances) or writing a novel (no excuse here), November shall then mark the beginning of my own small and serene space in the world wide web.

Musings on more than music, this blog will function as a platform for pondering anything possible with a good ‘viba’ shining through. Be it people, places or pieces of art, if it is extraordinarily inspiring, it will find its way in here.

And as this probably is the moment of writing something about me, let me keep it short. Hailing from the north and now residing in Amsterdam, I am enjoying every hop on my bike in this spellbinding city. Every cup of the famous muntthee, every conversation with a new expat (or local, for that matter) and every chance to get inspired counts: I am in constant search for bits and pieces of information and inspiration. Something has to balance the workload of my MA programme, after all.

Drumroll.. And that’s it – let the writing begin.